Stock Advisory :

The lure of big money has always thrown Investors into the lap of Stock Markets. However, making money in Equities is not so easy. It not only required oodles of patience and discipline but a great deal of research and a sound understanding of the mechanism and behaviour of the stock market also.

The trading must be fast and quick for which an investor needs to stay alert and updated. One has to be disciplined to emerge as winner in the Stock Market and follow certain mandatory rules - ALWAYS. There are 10 Golden Rules of Simply Invest, which one must follow to emerge as winner :

  • * Do not put ALL your capital into a single stock : Create a Diversified portfolio.
  • * Try to invest in small fractions : Follow a disciplined Investment approach.
  • * Always maintain & follow Asset Allocation : Irrespective of the market conditions.
  • * Do NOT let your Fear & Greed rule your investment decisions : Have a realistic expectations.
  • * It is SELL that counts – So, exit when your target is achieved : Don’t try to time the Market
  • * Expect, Don’t fear Corrections : Avoid herd mentality.
  • * Try to know about the Company in which you Invest.
  • * Handle stock market with cool and calm head.
  • * Monitor your portfolio rigorously : Act and act quickly.

We advice Stocks from time to time to make our Investors / Clients a superlative returns. Stock recommendations are spruced from In-house research team, top Researchers Team (of which we are an integral part), Analysts, Brokers in the country in addition to predicting market movements and investment pattern of India & World’s top Asset Management Companies. We then read the Financials, cross-checks with it’s various fundamental parameters, compare with its peers in the Industry and only then recommend it for investing.

We will tell you precisely What to Buy, When to Buy, and When to Sell !!!

Our motto is patience; “Patiently manifesting one's Objectives.”

Having said that, please note that we are not a Stock Broker firm and investments in the Stock Market are subjected to the market risks.