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Mutual Funds :

A Mutual Fund is a professionally managed collective investment vehicle that mobilizes money from many investors to invest in different markets and securities, in line with the investment objectives agreed upon, between the Mutual Fund and Investors. Mutual Fund Companies or AMC are those collective investment vehicles that are registered, regulated and various schemes are offered to the general public. Mutual funds in India are governed by SEBI (Mutual Fund) Regulations, 1996, as amended till date.

Since Mutual Funds are not the OTC products, so, we build the portfolio of our each and every Investor after a detail evaluation of their Income, Savings and their Future Goals. Our Goal based planning approach is build on customizing a strategy that will address each client’s Life Goals, Financial Needs and their Tax implications.

One can’t find so many advantages in any other Investment products, as found in Mutual Funds :

  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Transparency
  • Liquidity
  • Convenience
  • Flexibility
  • Low Investment
  • Market linked Returns
  • Return Potential
  • Low Cost
  • Professional Management
  • Reduction in Risk
  • Choice of Schemes
  • Well Regulated
  • Tax Benefit

We offer ALL services in Mutual Funds area.

  • Building a Fresh portfolio – with proper Financial planning
  • Re-building & Re-structuring the existing MF portfolio
  • Giving protection of “Parivartan” for your existing MF portfolio
  • Providing other MF related services e.g. Redemption, Registration of all information etc.

Although there are around 45 AMCs in India, but we deal with very few selective AMCs to differentiate wheat from chaff. After all it is your money in which we deal and we are answerable to all our Investment advice.

We have built trust and goodwill in this business to large & medium business corporates in Eastern India. We are one stop Investment Advisory firm with AUM of over 100 Crores. We maintain active and close relationship with Asset management Companies, Banks, Insurance Companies, NBFC, HNIs and our Retails Investors.

We believe in honest, prompt and courteous service and we always strive to become the most trusted and reliable advisor in the Financial Services sector which un-fortunately is plagued with so many fly by night advisors. We follow ethical and transparent business policies and practices.