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Why Advertise ?

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Albert Lasker, regarded as the father of modern advertising defined Advertising as “Salesmanship in print, driven by a reason Why.” But that was long before the advent of radio, television, or the Internet. The nature and scope of the business world, and advertising, were quite limited. A century later, our planet is a far different place. The nature and needs of business have changed, and so have the concept and practice of advertising.

Today, Advertising is – A very structured form of applied communication, public relations and a persuasion process; it’s a marketing process with economic, societal, or ethical significance. It is actually a very structured form of applied communication and composed non-personal communication of information employing both verbal and nonverbal elements that are composed to fill specific space and time formats determined by the sponsor. It is usually paid for and persuasive in nature, about products (goods, services, and ideas) by identified sponsors through various media.

Why advertise with SimplyInvest ?

In your quest to grow or retain your market, the importance of engaging and connecting with your most important audience can hardly be exaggerated. SimplyInvest will attract this niche audience consisting of evolved Investors, who are willing and have power to Invest. It delivers you a focused audience and provides you a media platform with the right ambience.

The result - a powerful setting that delivers relevant audience in a cost-effective manner.

Target focused audience and Gain market share

Unlike mass media or investor-oriented media properties, a platform like SimplyInvest allows you to customize your messages to achieve your business goals. Your presence on the site will contribute to raising your profile in this target audience and pave the way for you to get your rightful share. What more, as advertising in this site would be far cheaper than other forms – So, effectively you can grow with us in the smarter way.

The SimplyInvest differentiator

1) Passion
2) Expertise
3) Low Cost

SimplyInvest Promise

We will use our experience, skills and honesty to make a positive difference to your target customers – who incidentally will be our potential Clients also. So, we will work to retain your clients.

Where to Advertise ?

Our site is basically “Financial” in nature. Browse through our site and zero-in the services whose visitors you want to target. We would suggest you to use our Home page to start with. There are various types (Leader board, site opener, Horizontal Banner, Vertical banner, Box banner) and forms and you can use any one of them as per your Advertising needs and Budget.

All site ads must follow these creative specs:

• Maximum polite file sizes are 40k .jpg, .gif, .flash
• Rich media units require user initiated expansion
• Sound must be user initiated
• All click-through must open in a new browser window
• Ads cannot be disguised as news or mimic site functionality

To advertise on the site contact

Manoj Garg
Call : 98310 51920
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