Pricing With Us

Mutual Funds / Wealth Planning / NRI Services :

We don’t charge for our giving advice and for the ancillary services related to Mutual Funds and NRI Services, as such.

Wealth Planning is a customized service and the charges depend purely on case to case basis.

Parivartan :

We will charge 2% per annum of the Portfolio value for providing the protection against all the Losses.

Stock Advisory :

Humans have an obsession with wealth. Everyone wants to be financially secure and acquire wealth. Having a pile of money sounds like a high-class problem they’d be thrilled to have. But here’s the deeper truth : Getting rich is a result, not a reason – and the reasons really do matter, if happiness and fulfillment are your ultimate goals.

Who is rich ? He who is contented. Who is that ? Nobody….so, Act now and Grow Rich.

We are here just to help you in achieving your ultimate Goal of making money and become rich.

In this service, we provide our Clients with stock recommendations with an average of 90% accuracy to create wealth. Calls are given for BSE and NSE Stocks - Cash Segment only. We don’t believe, in Speculation and Inter-day / Intra-day transactions and hence don’t advice. We have thoughtfully constructed our packages, which even a small investor can take benefit from. The package is made for Investments & for trading strategies in Cash segment – be it Short Term, Long Term or for Investment, who really wants to make money in Indian Stock market. As an Investor, with our advice you can earn profits regularly both in the rising and falling markets.

We are absolutely confident of the capability of our Stock that’s the reason that we recommend only when we are absolutely sure that it’s likely to work. So, we recommend ONLY when there is a real potential in that particular Stock. We provide few but Solid tips to prevent you from taking losses! However on an average you receive at least 1 tip a fortnight. We don’t offer any Free Trial package as we promise to pay your fees back in case there is no profit.

We give the calls with well tested SMS system & Email which delivers the calls to you instantly so that you get enough time to enter the trade and achieve all the targets given in the call.

For us Quality matters not Quantity.

There are only 2 packages and both are very competitively & reasonably priced. An investor should opt for our Basic package if he has an investible surplus of at least Rs.25000/= to start with and should definitely go for Premium package, if he is ready to invest a minimum of Rs.1,00,000/=.

After all Money makes Money ! ! !

Workshops :

Charges for the Workshop depends upon the Subject, Duration, Facilities & the Venue. So, please refer to the details of the individual Workshops as and when they are conducted.

Other Offerings :

We don’t charge anything for our giving advice on any of the Financial products in which we deal under this section.

Guarantee :

If our recommendations, provided cumulatively in 1 year, are not able to beat the returns of the BSE Sensex, we will refund our Fees, without any explanations. This statement only believes in our conviction about our recommendations. Need we say more ?

Having said that, you should always remember before investing that Equities are most volatile in nature and your investments are subject to the market risks.

By making a payment for membership at Simply Invest, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to all our Terms, Conditions, Privacy Policy and No refund and No cancellation policy.

Guarantee :

If there is any Negative / Loss, found in the “Parivartan Portfolio” after the evaluation (i.e. after 1 year from the construction of Parivartan Portfolio), we would reimburse your fees in FULL without any justifications.

How and Where to Deposit ?

You can deposit your payment in our Bank Account :
HDFC BANK, Kankurgachi Branch – in favor of “Simply Invest”
Account No. :CA 04602560001435
IFSC Code - HDFC0000460
(Please deposit Rs.100 Extra, if the amount is deposited in CASH for any of the packages)
Amount once paid can not be refunded under any circumstances.

Very Important : After depositing your Amount, please Email your Name, Mobile No., Email Id, Place, Name of the Package and Amount at for information and confirmation.


Basic Pack

Quarterly : Rs.1500/-

Half-yearly : Rs.2500/-

Annually :

Premium Pack

Quarterly : Rs.3000/-

Half-yearly : Rs.5000/-

Annually :