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Parivartan :

We, Simply Invest, have brought a unique concept, first time in India (perhaps in World too) called - “Parivartan”. It’s a revolutionary concept, where-in all the Investors would be able to sell their non-performing Shares/Mutual Funds with a Guaranteed Profit.

Parivartan will give you a complete protection against any loss arising in future, whatsoever. There is neither any hidden meanings nor any Conditions apply.

It is a totally win-win & a sure shot concept for all those Investors who want to keep pace with the changing times and move ahead. “Parivartan” works as follows :

  • * You give us a list of all your loss making Shares/Mutual Funds or which you want to sell & generate profit from them. (Their total current valuation should be a minimum of Rs. 50,000)

  • * We will construct a new Portfolio (called “Parivartan Portfolio”) from the sale proceeds of your old portfolio by keeping your future objectives in mind. (You don’t have to further invest any extra money)

  • * We will charge 2% per annum of the Portfolio value for providing the protection against all the Losses, before commencing the construction of “Parivartan Portfolio” (Treat this charge as a Doctor’s Fees)

  • * We will evaluate the performance of the “Parivartan Portfolio”, exactly after completion of One year from the date of exercise, with the valuation of your old (and sold) portfolio. (Which otherwise would have been your existing Portfolio, if you would not have sold)

  • * If there is any Negative / Loss, found in the “Parivartan Portfolio” after the evaluation, we would reimburse you the FULL difference without any explanations. (Yes – all your Losses will be reimbursed)

  • * If our “Parivartan Portfolio” does not even generate 2% of extra profit from your old portfolio, we will return our fees back to you, which we took initially. (No Doctor refunds their fees if their treatment don’t work, but WE DO – Hence your fees is also protected)

  • * Last but not the least, all the Profit generated from “Parivartan Portfolio” will be your’s only. We won’t be charging anything from your Profit. (Your capital is your hard earned money).

  • * We can also offer you this protection even after one year till such time when you decide to take this protection @ 2% of the Parivartan Portfolio value per annum.

There are some minor points (but not contravening to the above ones) which we can discuss face to face, before you handover your portfolio to us.

So, If you feel that our 40 years of collective experience & the above Guarantee can really help you to turn around your portfolio and bring it back on the tracks, then let’s try to convert your losses in Profit.