Would you remove your own gall bladder? Would you argue your own case in court? Even skilled surgeons don’t operate on themselves. Do you manage your own Money ?

Some people spend more time planning their vacations than they do their finances. Yet your assets determine whether you can send your kids to college, buy a house, protect your family from an unexpected mishap or your own death or retire comfortably (or be able to retire at all). But the fact is that, many people don’t have the first idea how to gain and manage the assets needed to stand up to the market’s unpredictable gyrations.

You’re working like a slave to make ends meet. Do you have the breathing room to research what alternatives are available and then to build a better financial structure to take care of your family ? Likely not. That’s where an advisor comes in.

Hiring an experienced, capable advisor gives you the services of someone who knows the landscape of investing and other necessary financial matters. A solid advisor assesses your situation and your goals, then figures out what you should own. And what shouldn’t own. A good advisor keeps you constantly in the game with no let-up.

Investing is an ongoing pursuit, lasting a lifetime. Things shouldn’t be allowed to slide.

Everyone should have a financial advisor – An Experienced, Trusted one, with a clean background.We, Simply Invest, are a budding, transparent, dynamic and un-biased professional Financial Planning & Advisory Company offering personalized Investment Advisory in a wide range of investment products like Mutual Funds, General Insurance, Tax Saving Schemes, Company Fixed Deposits, Tax Savings and Capital Gains Bonds and a unique scheme called “Parivartan”.

Head quartered in Kolkata, and having a full fledged branch in Siliguri, we cater to all the major States of Eastern India like entire West Bengal, Sikkim, Assam, Meghalaya & Tripura. All our offices are managed by a team of people who are mostly professionals like MBA, CPFA etc. Our entire team is backed with complete knowledge of the products, constant innovation in service & by usage of latest technology in the Customer service department.

The core members of Simply Invest are Manoj Garg & Farha Zeba – who are the veterans in their own respective area of expertise.